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St. Barts
St Maarten Sailing School
Snorkel Trips (Prickly Pear & Anguilla, Prickly Pear Day sail, Shoal Bay Anguilla, Cove Bay Anguilla)
Half Day Snorkel Trips
Divi Beach / Cruise Ship Selected
Evening Cruises
Santino - Around the Island
Kids Stuff
Shopping Trips
Bus Tours
Dolphin Swim Anguilla
MoonDance Sail Charters
Horse Back Riding
Deep Sea Fishing

Book online with Aqua Mania Adventures!

Our booking system offers all the tours described on our web pages. Order the tour(s) you like, fill out the form and we will take care of the rest of the booking process. It's that simple! Please always include where you will be staying on island.

You can contact us at reservations@stmaarten-activities.com or give us a phone call in case of questions:

Phone: +721 544 2640 / 544 2631 | Fax: +721 544 2476 or US Toll Free 1 321 422 7037