Private Charters

Paradise is found on the beautiful island of St. Maarten, making it the perfect destination for private boat charters. Whether you are chartering for a birthday celebration, wedding reception, family reunion, tying the knot, team building exercise or a memorable family outing, this unique vacation experience will make memories for a lifetime. 


Tango: 65 ft sail catamaran, best for Anguilla and Coastal Daysail, Sunset and Dinner Cruises. Max. capacity 76

Lambada: 65ft sail catamaran, best for Anguilla and Coastal daysails and Sunset Sails. Max. capacity 76

Mambo: 40ft sail catamaran, best for smaller groups, Coastal, Anguilla and Sunset Sails 

Santino: 40ft motorboat, best for around St. Maarten Cruises

Sand Dollar: 28ft motorboat, best for small groups and half day coastal charters


Anguilla is Tranquility Wrapped in Blue. It is in the smiles of the locals that greet you.  It’s found at that line where the ocean meets the sand and the small bubbles of air escape as the water slowly recedes.  It can be felt by taking a stroll down some of the most breath takingly white, sandy beaches, while local fishing boats line the shores, their wooden hulls painted in rich hues to complement their surroundings.

Fortunately, it is possible to experience all this blissful tranquility of Anguilla on a private motor or sail catamaran charter. Pack lightly, these charter boats have everything you need on board.  
Be prepared to relax, sail, swim, snorkel, sip icy cocktails, and stroll sun kissed beaches. Enjoy a delicious barbeque lunch and laze dreamily on board while Captain and Crew attend to your needs.

St. Maarten Coastal Day Sail

Saint Martin is part of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean Sea. It comprises 2 separate countries, the French & Dutch. The island is home to beautiful beaches and secluded coves. Take a sail up to Llet Pinel Island or the famous Tintemarre, make a stop at the Lolo’s on the French side of the island and get a taste of our local cuisine. So many places to see such as Fryer’s Bay beach, Mullet Bay beach but the best snorkeling is at Creole Rock and Little Bay.

Tintamarre – the colour of the Sea

An 80-acre deserted island that belonged to a King!

Ile Tintamarre, is also known locally as “Flat Island”. When you visit Tintamarre, the island is yours to explore. You will find traces of its history. The ruins of buildings and stone walls depict a time of agriculture and habitation by the pioneering families who produced lime and farmed and peacefully. 

The island has reverted to its scrub growth and goats, a beautiful deserted island to visit and explore for the day. Snorkel, swim, sunbathe and picnic. There are many species of fish life and the popular turtle visitors who will happily swim alongside you.


Pinel Island

This small paradise island lies just off the east coast of Saint Martin, at the heart of the Nature Reserve.

Legend has it that in his attempt to capture the island of Saba, the buccaneer Pinel was driven back by the island’s inhabitants who hurled great rocks down on the pirates from their mountain refuge. As they fled, the invaders ran aground on Pinel Island, which has since borne the name of the defeated captain.

Two breathtaking beaches await visitors here: the first, facing Saint Martin, is a very sheltered sandy strip with shallow waters. Ideal for children, the beach here is postcard perfect, with clear waters and white sand.

There are two beachside restaurants here and the area is a superb shallow-water dive spot.

The second beach, which is stony and exposed to the forces of nature, is a 10-minute walk away on the other side of the island.

Evening Cruises - The perfect way to end a day in paradise

Sunset Sail 

Experience the breathtaking beauty of a tropical sunset during the most unforgettable time of day on a sail catamaran. Feel the fresh island breeze while cruising alongside palm fringed beaches. Enjoy rhum punches, wine, beer and sodas, and toast the end of another day in paradise as the golden hues of sunset wash across turquoise seas.

Dinner Cruise

Skip the restaurant reservations and enjoy dinner and drinks while sailing St Maarten’s golden coastline. Sip cocktails, wine, or beer while listening to foot tapping music. The 12 miles of changing scenery is best seen from the water, so pair unbeatable views with a satisfying meal and tropical sunset on this romantic catamaran adventure. Take in spectacular views of Simpson Bay, Maho, Mullet Bay and Cupecoy in the golden afternoon light, aboard Sail Catamaran Tango. Enjoy the spacious front decks and savor an onboard dinner of island specialties. Relax with an icy cocktail and toast a glowing sunset in Paradise.


• 65-foot sail catamaran 

• 2 toilet facilities

• Big net up front for lounging  

• Slide off the back

• Front Ladder that is levered into the water

• Walk up open bar

• Capacity: 65 people [day sail] / 45 for dinner cruises and 76 for sunset sails 

• Spacious and comfortable

• Spots on board with shade and sun

• Snorkel Gears & Floating Devices

• Fun and friendly crew


• 65-foot sail catamaran 

• 2 toilet facilities

• Big net up front for lounging

• Front Ladder that goes into water

• Walk up open bar

• Capacity: 65 people [day sail] and 76 for sunset sails 

• Spacious and comfortable 

• Spots on board with shade and sun 

• Snorkel Gears & Floating Devices

• Fun and friendly crew


• 40 foot sail catamaran 

• Net up front from lounging 

• Spots on board with shade

• Toilet facility 

• Open Bar 

• Snorkel gear and floatation devices on board

• Ideal for smaller families and group

• Max 25 people


• 40-foot motor boat 

• Spots on board with Shade

• Toilet facility

• Refreshments such as beer, sodas, and snacks.

• Snorkel gear and floatation devices on board

• Bring a picnic lunch or opt to stop at a beachside restaurant


• 28-foot motor boat

• Capacity: 10

• Snorkel equipment

• Floatation belts

• Refreshments (water, sodas, beer)

• French bread and Dutch cheese

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